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A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is essential for taking the mystery out of your finances so you can take the right next steps toward growing your business. But a CFO can also be expensive to hire in-house. Instead, choose Lacy McGrew to meet this need in businesses just like yours.

As a CFO for hire, owner Lacy McGrew is ready to make clear your company’s financial situation so you can take real action toward a healthier, more profitable future. Your business finances don’t have to be confusing or mysterious. Partner with Lacy and discover a whole new way to improve your financial situation!

What Challenges Are You Facing in Your Business That a CFO Can Solve?

As a current business owner and former corporate employee in the financial field, Lacy understands the stresses of growing and scaling a business. But to successfully scale, you must first understand and overcome the five main challenges most business owners face regarding their finances. 

When any of these five issues are present in your business, you could start experiencing frustration, stress, and even isolation. Perhaps you’re already experiencing any or all of these emotions. But take heart — Lacy has a solution!

Lacy McGrew’s CFO Solution

Lacy McGrew is ready to be your company’s CFO to help you experience unprecedented financial clarity. With Lacy’s help, profit and cash flow are inevitable. You just have to understand how to move the right numbers and set clear, realistic goals.

Here are some benefits that Lacy’s CFO services can provide for you:

One Clear Path to Success

Lacy will help you create a clear path to financial success. Here are some of the important steps of this process:

  • Offering a free financial assessment to anyone interested in Lacy’s services
  • Setting annual targets
  • Updating and analyzing monthly actuals
  • Creating forecasts for the next month
  • Updating your “score” each month — Lacy’s own way of helping you measure performance
  • Creating objectives to guide you through the next month
  • Setting next steps to achieve success

Every month, Lacy will analyze your financials to determine what’s holding you back from making more profits. She’ll meet with you about her findings, discuss your score, and continue to refine your next steps to help you increase your company’s cash flow.

A Customized Action Plan

Lacy will use the data gathered every month to create a customized action plan to guide some of your financial decisions over the next 30 days. This action plan includes a short list of some of the most important next steps you can take that will help you hit your profit goal and reach your cash flow targets.

Understandable Performance Metrics

One of Lacy’s main goals is to turn your company’s financial situation into a clear, easy-to-understand roadmap to success. She does this by showing you performance metrics that actually make sense — metrics you can immediately use to make informed decisions toward your financial goals. Lacy guarantees that every performance metric she tracks and presents starting with her free financial assessment will provide immediate insight into what you can do better next month.


A major part of reaching financial goals is accountability, and that’s exactly what Lacy promises to provide when hired as your company’s CFO. When you work with Lacy, you’ll give her weekly updates on how you’re doing on your financial action plan toward achieving your goals. This keeps Lacy up-to-date on what you’re doing well and what you can change to achieve greater profits and cash flow.

Choose Lacy McGrew as Your CFO

Do you think Lacy McGrew’s CFO services would be a good fit for your business? Reach out to her today by filling out the contact form below. After receiving your query, Lacy will reach out to you to schedule a 20 to 30-minute “right fit” call to learn more about your company, its goals, and whether her CFO services could be of help.

Lacy will then do a free financial assessment of your company’s last two years. She’ll then present her findings in a slideshow presentation and then give you a quote on how much it would cost to hire her to help you reach your company’s unique goals.

Are you ready to take the first step toward financial success in your business? Fill out the contact form below for a free financial assessment of your business!

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